Family photography


For all kind off session

– children/newborn, family, woman / maternity / buduar

I offer the same packages.

You will find more infos in “Preis”

Knowing my standart pakacges, always you can call and order something special 🙂

My photography style is to show emotion in the most natural and spontanious ways.

To show the ones you really love or to show how much you love them.

The session is very informal, where you  and your loved ones are photographed in a natural and relaxed atmosphere.

Most sessions take 2-2,5 hours.

I work in Braunschweig / Hanover and Poznan area.

Family photography works really well in and around your home, or at a scenic location that suits the look you are after.

Alternatively, I have a small photo-studio for single portraits.


but I do prefer beautiful outdoor locations which are all around.


There are many locations throughout Braunschweig and Poznan that work well for family photo sessions.

Your house is the most perfect place for a shoot. You will be surprised that some of the best photos are taken in unlikely places.

If we are shooting indoors (babies) we will need at least one room with good natural light.

Your choice of clothing is also very important and I would recommend natural colours and similar colours and styles for all those in the picture.